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- Scene Production

--- Sound

--- Light

--- Video

- Bespoke show file

- Installation of systems

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Sound, Light and Video-Control

We offer sound and light control to private individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as events. As we have access to advanced equipment for managing your graduation, party, performance and lectures we have a professional level at a good price.


If you need sound technicians, we are an incredibly good alternative. We take care of planning, up and rigging and steering. If you do not have speakers, this is something we can stand for.

We have access to a number of:

Sound Mixers:

- Allen and Heath

- Yamaha

- Behringer


- Alto

- Electro-Voice




When it comes to light, you can either bring us in as consultants or to manage the entire event. If you do not want us to take care of management, it is also possible to rent equipment. If you want to rent equipment only we also offer Bespoke show files

We have access to a number of:

- Moving head Spot

- Moving head Wash

- LED Parcans

- LED lamps

- ParCans

- Hazers


We have knowledge and skills for Video Designing on different surfaces.
We can set up a simple control of songs or gift arrangements. As well as video and backgrounds.


We Program ready-made files for setup or direct files for Light mixers. We make light shows according to your order and according to song.

TimeCode To:


- Obsidian NX2

- Obsidian NX4

- Martin M1

- Martin M6


We can set up Sound, Light rigs at your desired location. We use well-known brands and set up solid systems that are easy for the end user.

- We Design according to your wishes and simplifies

- Calculates weights, current

- Orders

- Riggs up

- Documents

- Educate the next

Custom Mixer

We are currently developing a new Custom Combi Mixer.

- Customizeable

- Programmebal

- Purchase licenses for the Programs you use